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Embracing Solitude: A Journey Through Loneliness and Healing

Updated: Jan 24

Loneliness, a silent adversary that often creeps into the cracks of our lives, can be one of the most challenging battles, especially when navigating the challenging process of healing from a divorce. Despite the reassurance found in God's promise to never leave nor forsake us, the profound ache of solitude can be overwhelming. In my own journey through divorce, loneliness became my hardest struggle to overcome, pushing me to confront the depths of my vulnerability and redefine my understanding of companionship.


The Uncharted Territory of Solitude:

For someone who had never truly been alone, the abrupt transition from a shared life to solitude was disorienting. Empty houses, unoccupied beds, and solo ventures to social events served as stark reminders of the void left by the absence of a constant companion. The deafening silence echoed the loneliness I felt within, challenging the promise that God's presence would fill every gap.


Intentionality in Building Community:

Recognizing the danger of isolation, I knew I had to be intentional about building a community around myself. Stepping into unfamiliar social territories can be uncomfortable, but it is precisely in these discomfort zones that God often works His miracles. I sought out new friendships, joined groups, and attended events that aligned with my interests, refusing to succumb to the devil's playground that is isolation.


The Uncomfortable Space Where God Works:

In the discomfort of building new connections, I discovered the transformative power of God's grace. It is in these moments, where vulnerability meets courage, that God's hand is most evident. By actively participating in community-building activities, I allowed God to guide my steps and redefine my sense of belonging.


Navigating Solitude with God:

Yet, amidst the intentional efforts to surround myself with others, I realized the importance of spending time in solitude with God. Amid the busyness of social engagements, I needed moments of stillness to "be still and know that He is God." This required a shift in perspective—to see solitude not as abandonment but as an opportunity to cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection with God.


God as the Ultimate Companion:

As I grappled with loneliness, I discovered that God, in His infinite love, can be the most steadfast companion. By allowing Him to fill the void left by human relationships, I found solace and comfort in His unwavering presence. He became my confidant, my source of strength, and the one with whom I could share my deepest fears and joys.


Overcoming Loneliness with His Strength:

Loneliness, though a huge struggle, can be overcome. Through the strength found in faith and a conscious effort to build community, I learned that solitude doesn't have to equate to loneliness. God's promise to never leave us is not merely a platitude but a profound reality that sustains us even in our loneliest moments. By leaning on His strength and the solace of intimate moments with God, I emerged from the depths of loneliness into a place of healing and restoration. You too can overcome loneliness, finding solace in the presence of the One who will never forsake you.

A journey of Solitude


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