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From Darkness to Divine Purpose: A Journey Through Divorce

Updated: Jan 4

"In this world, we are going to have troubles," the timeless words from God's scripture echo with a profound truth that many of us encounter in our lives. It's during these moments of adversity that the light at the end of the tunnel seems almost impossible to perceive. I, too, found myself in a pitch-black place when my 23 year marriage began to crumble around me. In the midst of despair, I cried out to God, pleading, "Please just take me. I have no purpose left on this earth." Little did I know that He still had a purpose for me – a purpose to walk alongside those who, like me not long ago, are navigating the challenging path of life after divorce.

The Journey through Darkness:

Divorce is a journey that can lead to overwhelming emotions of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The weight of these struggles can make it difficult to believe that there is hope beyond the darkness. It was during my own darkest days that I discovered the transformative power of faith, resilience, and self-discovery. God, in His infinite wisdom, guided me to a place where I could connect with the divine power within me, enabling me to see that with Him, all things are possible, even when it feels otherwise.

Rejection as God's Protection:

One of the profound lessons I've learned is that rejection can be God's way of protecting us. It's a challenging concept to grasp in the midst of heartbreak, but as I've walked this path, I've come to understand that sometimes what seems like a loss is, in fact, a divine redirection toward a better future. It's a reminder that God has a plan, and in His plan, we find protection and purpose.

The Healing Journey:

Time, they say, heals all wounds, but my journey has taught me otherwise. Time alone is not enough; it's the intentional effort we invest in ourselves that facilitates healing. Taking my worst days and turning them into my best has been a process of self-discovery, growth, and learning. It's about acknowledging the pain, facing it head-on, and committing to the work required for personal healing.

Continued Growth and Healing:

While I can't claim to have arrived at a place of ultimate healing, I believe that there's always room for continued learning, growth, and healing. The path hasn't been easy, but every ounce of effort invested in my well-being has been worth it. Life after divorce is a journey, and I am committed to walking alongside others, offering guidance and support as they navigate their own path toward healing and hope.

If you find yourself in a dark spot, please know that brighter days are ahead. Lean on God, connect with the power within you, and trust that there is a purpose beyond the pain. Life after divorce is a challenging chapter, but with faith and perseverance, you can emerge from the darkness into a life filled with hope, healing, and divine purpose.


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